How do I let him down gently?

OK so I am a freshman in College and at orientation I met this guy and nothing happened, I just thought he was a really cool guy to be friends with you know? We didn't know each others last names though or anything so we couldn't stay in touch. So I ran into him on campus the other day but I was on my way to practice and so I was in a rush but of course I wanted to stay in touch. My last name is kind of complicated so I was just like hey give me your phone and I'll put in my name and number and you can look me up on facebook...I can see how that would be misconstrued but I really wasn't hitting on him. In any case he texted me a few days later asking if I wanted to grab lunch with him. I said yes because he didn't SAY it was a date so I felt like I was in the clear but then when I got there he kind of acted in a way like he thought it was more and it made me kind of uncomfortable. So he texted me like the next day saying he had a great time and would like to do it again sometime and I basically told him I was really busy but would get back to him later about a good time. I never got back to him though in hopes that it would just fizzle out. So a week went by and then he texted me today saying basically that he would "love to do lunch again, or even better, dinner!"...I haven't responded but I kind of feel bad if I just ignore it...But I don't want to lead him on I just don't know what to say to him to get the point across. I really like somebody else from back home too which is part of the problem.


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  • I usually don't like people playing games, beating around the bush, or lying so I don't know why I'm giving you this suggestion lol. But you could try playing dumb. Text him back and jokingly say "Dinner is too much like a date lol. But lunch sometime buddy" Just act like you didn't even realize he was showing interest in you. If he tries to hint or outright says that he sort of meant it as a date then tell him straight up that you aren't interested in him like that. Ripping the band-aid off quickly is the best policy. It'll hurt him, but the sooner you do it without stringing him along, the quicker he can pick up and move on.

  • Don't break his heart he really likes you.


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