Let a guy know you're not interested?

There's this guy that likes me in a pretty obvious way but I'm not interested in him that way but would just like to be friends. How do I send him that message without literally saying that and also with out hurting his feelings?

Btw, he hasn't straight up said he likes me or anything but I for sure know he does. So I can't exactly straight up say I'm not interested since he hasn't said anything about it


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  • Guys need direct and straight forward communication. There is no such thing as round about ways or hinting.

    Whether he has actually said he's interested in you or not, you need to approach him and tell him, "Look, I am pretty sure you got a thing for me, but I just wanted you to know while I am flattered, I am NOT interested." That's really all that needs to be said.

  • What you just said...you just want to be friends. If he hasn't said anything or asked anything, then you really don't know for sure and can't respond mecessarily, like you mentioned. If he does end up saying something then you can just say (in a nice way...since no one likes to be rejected), that while you are flattered and appreciate his interest, you only think of him as a friend. That doesn't sound bad. :)


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