I've been wondering if my crush likes me back. So does he?

I like this guy but I don't know if he likes me back. He stares at me in class and he's face going red when people ask him if he like me or no one. so I really want to know my friend ask him if he did and he said and I quote "no" but he could be lying. because like we flirt a lot! I'm talk to him right now on MSN and I don't want to ask him myself. please respond! so please answer I really wanna know if he likes me or not so please answer back ASAP!


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  • *facepalm* my dear.. there is no one on this site that can read this guys mind and give you the direct and sure answer you are seeking. It's impossible.

    From the little you've shared, sure sounds like he's at least somewhat into you.

    But you won't know for sure unless YOU ask HIM for YOURSELF.


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