Any girl I have dated so far ends up breaking my heart!!!

I am in my 2nd year in collage, and any girl I have dated so far ends up breaking my heart.

they all say the same thing, why did they break up with me.

Bacardi I am not a boy friend material , it really hurts hearing this about myself.

that I'm the fun guy , not the dependable man, I wish to know what does a dependable man do, that I don't.

that I need to have more self confidence, I wish I knew what that meant.

that I'm being too nice , I'm only being too nice because I love her

one girl I was dating told me that I can get girls to bed easily, but not get them to love me as a boy friend.

all my relationships didn't last more than a month or maybe less.

when I'm at parties I get girls to have sex with me.

but none wants to date me. Any girl starts to try to have me as a boyfriend but after a week I see some change, she starts avoiding me, ignoring me, at the end of the month she says the same thing the others did.

I'm popular and have hundreds of friends(guys and girls) like 20 best friends.

well I'm careless, lazy, I get obsessed easily, when ever a girl plays hard to get I delete her number.

I'm an outgoing kind of guy, I'm a hardcore gamer, smoker, love drinking and doing anything crazy.


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  • dude, been there, done that. wanting "love" so bad, but never actually feeling it. stop trying so hard. let it come to u. I get all the same b.s. girls throw me that crap left and right all day. there is one that will be different. trust in that


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