I don't know if I should contact her?

right me and my ex broke up after a year and a half, we had made plans to move in together after our first year of uni and I was ready to propose to her (I know its early on but we both felt it was right) we broke up as she said she didn't know if I could cope with the long distance and that she felt things weren't the same, I miss her a lot and ever day I think about her and the things we said and did together. when we broke up I told her that I never wanted to see or hear from her again as the idea of not being with her and/or her being with someone else was heartbreaking but I miss her, I miss her a lot so I wanted to know if its a good idea or not to see how I feel in a few months and if I still feel the same to contact her and ask to meet up for coffee or something to see if there's any chance we could try again


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  • I would wait a few months. You might not feel the same or could meet someone else. If you feel the same then contact her but I would give it at least 6 months or so. .


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