Get him back to stay?

So what's going on with me and my ex boyfriend are we going to get back together? We broke up and haven't talked for almost a month I had seen him last night and we wound up having sex. It was amazing and it felt so great to be with him again. After we slept next to each other all lovely dopey and kissed each other every second we could. I had to get up for work at 5am and as I got up and said goodbye we laced there together and he grabbed me tight to cuddle. It was so cute to me. I want him back in my life and is this a step toward it? He had told me that he has not done anything with anyone since we had broken up and me the same. I was happy hearing this knowing that he only did it with me. What should I say to him now? The next time we see each other ask him to be my boyfriend again? I think it seems to be moving in a good direction but then again I don't know someone help me in what to do and get him back for good in my life.

does he still love me and want me back.?
should I like get mad if he doesn't answer me in a message tonight about hanging out? like he answered me last night saying he wasn't able to he had a lot of school work but tonight he didn't say nethin yet he mite wait to see. but if he's doesn't do I
have a rite to be mad or just let it be that possiobly I asked too much. what do I do now and get him back into my life for good he already kows I what him bk now I guess just gotta wait and see because he seems to want too
why now after saw him that one time.. he goes back to not answering me when I asked him to hang out again? should I be mad or just stay clam and wait? I want him bk so bd and its killing me
do I have a reson tobe mad? I want him back so much and its killing me I really hope he is not using me for sex because he has not answered me since Thursday he could be busy but still just answer me. I need guys help help me what do you think?
or you think he used me?


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  • As long as you let him lie to you and sleep with him, he'll hang around. You need to remember why you broke up in the first place, Sweetie. He hasn't changed.. You will be reminded of why in a very short time... We all miss the "nice" things about our exs.. some were great in bed.. but he's still got those problems he had when you broke up. Please don't tell me he cheated on you. . If so - he hasn't stopped. If he is trying to get you back as a girlfriend.. the first thing you SHOULD NOT HAVE DONE is sleep with him.. He needs to EARN his way back... if you sleep with him right off the bat - he hasn't had to work very hard to win you back.. has he? You are giving him all the power right now. PLEASE STOP. Why are you waiting for HIM to make decisions? Don't you have anything to say? It's not ALL UP TO HIM.. He's not answering --- because I suspect... he wanted to sleep with you. Period. Have more respect for yourself - your body... and cut this guy loose. He does not adore you . My instincts tell me he lied to you to get what he wanted.. and maybe was feeling lonely for 10 min and figured you were an easy mark. Apparently - you were .. (SORRY).. Learn that guys will LIE TO GET WHAT THEY WANT... especially to get a girl into bed. If he truly wanted you back - he'd be spending every possible moment with you and calling you non stop. Is this him? Hmmm... Don't kid yourself into thinking he's changed. He hasn't.. AND if you want another ride on this emotional roller coaster knowing you will get hurt... AGAIN.. then by all means - get back on. Love yourself first. Make YOU happy.. Doesn't sound like he cares all that much about you but is only interested in what makes HIM happy... Find a guy who will adore you , one who will pursue YOU... treat you like a Queen. This guy? Loser. He will disappear again.. sooooo.. KNOW this will happen... and when it does... you cannot say OH MY.
    I had NO idea... YES YOU DO... Kick him to the curb where he belongs. Hugz.


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  • He Still loves you and obviously wants 2 botg 2gether again,so y dnt you let him knw about watch ya think..

    • Thanks. he already knows what I want I had already told him as many chances as got too. so he knows its all in his hands when he wants to ask me or I ask him to say yes. just hoping its soon I miss him. but your a guy and said yes he wants me back how can you be so sure? but thanks I'm glad everyone thiks it because I do too and I'm following my heart

    • Do you know this for sure that he wants me? I want to be with him I'm just hoping he isn't using me for sex since he hasn't answered me since Thursday nite. I'm really mad now and just want to know

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  • yer he does love you still he always has, ask him out again and see what he says what's the worst that could happen, it happened to me and I got my boyfriend back, hey if not then there is still plenty of guys out there to choice from but if you think he is the one then tell him, I did!

    • Iv told him plenty of times he the only one I want to be withthrough it all so he knows it. I guess taking it day by day trying to hang as much as possible if he's not busy. I do want to b his girlfriend again but when he says yes that's all up tp him ya kno but it really seemed good when I saw him. I just want it to happen now lol

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    • Yeah guys do that!! ha ha they all fail but we love them heaps! lol but that's great!!!!!! congrats!!!! I'm so happy for you!!!! and my boyfriend remembered me!! well he texted on his friends fone but yeah ahaha then his friend ran out of credit like my boyfriend did ahha!! ha ha fail!!! but congrats hope you do see him soon ill pary for you that you do!!! :)))

    • Yes!! thank you I do hope he writes me when he gets home to come see him. that note made me very happy soim just waiting to see him. I wrote to him again telling him hope he has a great trip etc so I know he knows I still love him. hope things work great and were together again soon. but I saw on fb that he took away his relationship status from anyone to even see wich was weird since it has been saying single. just though it was weird dk what's with that either. but q soon will b answrd

  • He loves you!

    • Do you think he just needs time for himself and what not?

  • Enjoy the moment but be very careful. Guys seperate sex and love very easily and get caught up in the moment. Take it easy and make sure this doesn't turn into a friends with benefits situation where your heart will end up broken.

    • I agree!

    • Yes I know thank you... he knows I want him back as my boyfreind soidk if he would do that but not sure. so taking it day by day

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