Pro-Choice. Why? What are your reasons?

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tell me why you are pro-choice.


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  • It's not a question of when life begins, but when that life becomes a human being. And honestly, in the time that abortion is legal... it really isn't. It can't think, it can't feel pain, it can't survive outside the body. For all intents and purposes, it is a parasite. Just cause it has the possibility to become a full-on human being, doesn't mean it is one in the womb. So no, it's not "killin babbiez!1!" In fact, 88% of abortions are performed in the first trimester.

    Basically, though, I think it should always be an option. The adoption system is overflowing as it is. And a woman should not have to stop her life to be a parent - a child should never be a punishment. Most of the time, they couldn't support a child financially, or it would interfere with work or school. And if abortions were illegal, people would NOT stop getting abortions. They would just turn to illegal, very dangerous means. Injury or even death is very common from back alley abortions.

    And a lot of people say that women shouldn't have sex if they don't want kids, shouldn't have sex without protection, shouldn't use abortion as birth control. The first point is very untrue, it basically treats a woman as some kind of incubator, saying that she can't have sex for pleasure, just poppin out babies. Consenting to sex doesn't mean consenting to having kids. The second and third points are valid. But guess what? Condoms break, pills fail, rapes happen...accidents happen, basically. And yeah, some people are stupid enough not to use protection, but honestly, they have the same rights as anyone else to get abortions. Would you want anyone that irresponsible raising kids anyway? As for the third point, I agree. But the thing is - that using abortion as birth control is a myth. Why would anyone? It's costly and potentially painful. The vast majority of women who get abortions - 82% get no more than 2, which is hardly "birth control".

    Mostly, the government should not control a woman's body. And yes, it is the woman's body, the fetus couldn't survive on its own outside of it.

    So yeah, no lame propaganda videos will change my mind.

    • Okay so how is it that this "thing" has its own DNA its own set chromosomes not a human. What is it a dog or a cat? the literal translation of fetus is offspring. so a human can only have human offspring. The "thing's" heart beats at three weeks. The "thing" starts to feel pain at nine weeks. This "thing" has all of its body parts, all of its chromosome, its organs, its finger prints. It is a human. The facts are there the science is there you are just to blind to see it.

    • You know what else has chromosomes? Sperm. All I'm saying is, that is a lame ass excuse.

      It starts to feel pain at 24 weeks, FACT. Speaking of ignoring science...

      As I said, can't think, can't feel, can't live without its mother - I don't consider them a person.

      Women, on the other hand, ARE people, and should have the rights of their own reproduction system. THAT is the main point.

    • Sperm only has half of the chromosome set, the fetus/baby has a complete set of human chromosomes. That is not a FACT it is still a subject of debate on when the fetus starts to feel pain and since you are such an expert I would have think you've known that. I was wrong as quoting mine as fact, but that doesn't mean that I am ignoring science. Many doctors and scientist have done research that suggests they start feeling pain BEFORE 24 weeks.

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  • I am pro-choice for the simple reason of option. I do not feel that any one person or any section of people should have the power to overide the opinion or personal choice of anyother person when it comes to something as sensative and morally taxing as abortion.

    that is the reason why I am pro-choice. it's not because I'm some crule person who want's to end the lives of unborn children, nor is it because I think that pregancy is something that can be controled by means of surgical intrusion. Why should the option to choose based on one's moral's be denied?

    ps, for future refrence, it's very easy to blur the lines of choice whether your trying to prove a point, or provide a rebuttal. that's just a fact of life that we all choose to live with so long as we choose to take sides :P

    • I understand and thank you for answering. I think it is ironic that the women that get an abortion feel like they have no choice. They are pressured into it, they aren't really given any other option. Right now I am not trying to prove a point. I just want to know about peoples views.

    • Spot on.

    • Seahawker101- I don't know if that was to me but if it was, thanks.

  • That video was suppose to be shocking, hmm? It wasn't.

    You do realize that even though the girl doesn't intend to get pregnant, that doesn't mean she used a condom or birth control. And that's the root of the problem. If safe sex was practised then there'd be no need for like, over 90% of the abortions that happen.

    If a person uses a condom, it stops the sperm. Let's just pretend that a sperm stopped by a condom would have turned into a human. There's no knowing which act of intercourse COULD result in a baby. But the ones the would have... isn't that also preventing life?.. I mean it's the same thing? If I had been prevented by a condom or killed by an abortion, it wouldn't make any damn difference.

    • It makes a different because in a condom ut just a damn cell no structure to you but in a whomb your developing all your human features its murder.

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    • Ok well then guess no one can masturbate anymore if its the same thing as abortion which its NOT. when the cells aren't combined there is no baby there so nothign is being killed its fine. when there actually is somethign created you kill it off its very wrong

    • I never said masturbation was the same as abortion. masturbation is not having sex. so a consequence of it is not getting pregnant

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  • I think abortion is wrong and evil and the people who are for them and get them are the worst horrible disgusting putrid scum of the Earth. I hate when people try to make it about the baby, unless the child has a decease like Ta sacks or ADL where they will die a slow painful death there is no reason to consider an abortion, even then it would be something to really think about. To the woman who say they have a right to their body and reproductive freedom, what about the babies right to live. The baby should not have to die just because you slept around and did not know how to use a condom. Even if the case of rape, the baby did not rape you and should therefore not have to suffer. Adoption is always an option. To the men who say they would want and make their girlfriend have an abortion because you don't want to have a kid, or your not ready for a kid, then you should do something to make sure she is not in a position to get pregnant. Adoption is always an option, because their are so many families out there who would want and love a wonderful gift of a baby and be able to treat it right, that their is never a need for an abortion other than being evil cruel and selfish. If you do not want a kid close your legs, and tie your tubes. And yes a fetus is a living thing, it can cry kick move have hair and finger nails, and even hear sounds. Even when it is just a little tiny cell by definition of living things it is alive, and thereby by making it not alive you are committing an horrible act of murder on an innocent baby. Why do you think they have special doctors and pills and precautions that to you have to take when you are pregnant? To protect the baby, because it is a fragile but living none the less being. It is a person, but not just a person, your child, you have a duty as it mother to protect it for 9 months and then keep it or give it up for adoption to a loving family. So even if you home life and situation would not provide for a safe and happy environment for a baby, you can give it up, and give it to a stable loving an caring family that you can meet and interview and choose prior to having the baby to ensure that it will have the best possible start, an then you could never hear from the baby again. Or your could have an open adoption and still be apart of your child's life even if you can't be the mother in the most common sense. You mother chose to allow you to live and grow, even if she was a horrible mother, she did that much, so you owe it to her, to pass on the gift of life. Say all of this to say there is never EVER a reason to have an abortion. Oh, if someone kills a pregnant woman they get charged with double homicide , why? Because the baby is alive, and so if you have an abortion you have no excuse, no reason, and your are just horrible, evil, vile, cruel, sadistic, monstrous being who dose not deserve to walk this earth because if you can kill not only a baby but a child you do not deserve to go on your merry way hoe.

  • My sound is being stupid so I can't hear the video, but I'm pro choice. I think the big debate about abortion comes from people disagreeing on when a fetus is considered a human, which tends to be influenced by people's religion. Since not everyone is the same religion, I think it's important to give people the option to do what they see as best for their lifestyle. I definitely don't think abortion should be used as a form of birth control, but condoms break, pills fail, rape exists, and pregnancy can threaten a woman's life, so in these situations I absolutely think a woman should be able to choose.

    • Every credible scientist has stated that life begins at conception not one of them will say it doesn't. some scientist will say they don't know in order to avoid answering the question. the fact isn't based on religiong. The science is there the facts are there.

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    • “so what will it be: wanted fetuses are charming, complex REM-dreaming little beings whose profile on the sonogram looks just like Daddy, but unwanted ones are mere ‘uterine material’?” (our bodies our souls Naomi Wolf : pro-choice feminist author that criticized the efforts of abortion-supporters to obscure the humanity of the unborn child.)

    • If you research the people you'll listed (I just picked 3 to randomly google) you'll see that they are religious/ involved with religious orgs. That's called biased, but I really don't want to talk about this anymore. You as asked why I am pro-choice and I answered, not looking for a 2 week long debate here, the bottom line is if I'm ever in that situation I'll explore all my options, and if you're in that situation, you won't get an abortion. That's fine, you live your life and let me live mine

  • screw pro-choice. you want a choice you choice between you have sex and use protection or you don't have sex at all that's it all the choices you got. you want to have sex then face the consquences! don't take the p**** way out. I realize a lot say well what if I got raped and got pregnant that way give it up for an adoption. that kid did nothing to you to deserve to die. it the mans fault for raping you not that child do stop taking it out on them. or we should stay locking you up for murder of another human being. enough said!

    • I agree. But my main issue is that abortion clincs do not tell had bad the abortions are for the women, that the would give very cheap contraception out so the girl will come back to get an abortion when it fails. all they want is the money they don't care about the girl. also that a third of my generation was aborted.

    • Well that's why you don't go to 2nd rate clinics you get help from a real dr.

  • I'm Pro-Choice,I'm Atheist,I am not going to debate on whether people think it's a human or not,but I do think women should have the option.

    Birth control can fail and does fail,not everyone who gets an abortion is irresponsible and immature.

    Some bring up adoption,but what if the person doesn't want to physically carry the child?Then allow them to have a choice.I do think it should be regulated though because you always have dumbasses who do use it as birth control.

    I also do not believe that the government should tell women what they can and can not do to their bodies.That video seemed a little biased,many women go in knowing what's going to happen,it's not just a random adventure.

    Anyways,not directing this to the QA,if you're[other users] going to try to shove your opinions down my throat,won't happen,don't bother trying to argue,could care less what other think.

  • i am pro-life.

    girls go around having sex without condoms or birth control and think that somehow they won't get pregnant.

    maybe if some girls weren't so dumb about sex, we wouldn't even need abortions.

    the reason sex exists in the first place is to reproduce. the reason it is so pleasureful is so we WANT to reproduce. but sex is so common now and portrayed in the media so much, nobody cares anymore.

    by the way, the fetus can FEEL pain.

    abortion is selfish.

    • I agree and the fetus isn't even part of the mom, it has completely different DNA than the mom.

  • I didn't bother watching it. The point is, there are pros and cons to everything, including abortion. Don't force your opinions on me and I'll return the favor. You need to learn that everyone is different, what's right to you might be wrong to someone else and vice versa. Learn to respect that.

    I'm so tired of people thinking they know best and pushing their thoughts onto others.

    • Oh so I bet you wish you mother aborted you huh?

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    • And in response I shal ask you what is it that would make one assume that someone such as myself would personally think that I know best? I am but a fool that stumbled upon a direct questoin, and therefore I foolishly gave the answere that I found most appealing to me.

      just because one gives an opinion doesn't mean they are pushing their thoughts onto others, and just because I don't agree with your standing dosen't mean that I want you to change it; it simpily means that we disagree :P

    • I have a question. I asked you why you were pro-choice you chose to answer so how am I pressing my values on you? I didn't "force" you to answer. I didn't "force" you to comment either. If you are tired of people "pushing" their thoughts on others then why are you on this site? All I did was post a video which you didn't even watch. and I could very well be wrong but I would prefer t error on the safe side, because it is other peoples lives that hang in the balance.

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