I want to move out, I don't know what I'm doing?

Hey everyone. I need some advice. I'm considering moving out in the near future, but I am in no way ready financially. I suppose I'll have to do some major planning. I guess it's going to be a lengthy wait. It's frustrating, but I'm not about complaining. I want to do this right. I admit that I am nervous about it. I'm mostly worried about making enough cash. For those of you who've successfully moved out of your folk's house and are doing pretty OK, what were some of the steps you took before making the leap (moving the hell out)? So what did you do? Get summer/part-time jobs? Saved up money way ahead of the move out date? How did you find a place to stay? How are you making it on your own in this world? Are you happy? I can't think of anything that would make me happier than being self-reliant. I'm an adult. Living at home with my controlling parent is making me feel incompetent & immature. I'd wait until I'm finished with college, but my patience is wearing thin. I need your advice! I'd appreciate it. Not in the mood for smart ass comments by the way :)


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  • Pretty much what temptationfalls said in the other answer. You have to budget. Write down every possible expense you think you might have including food etc and calculate it against what you earn in a year. Also best to save way ahead before you move out and always have money in reserve for anything unexpected.

    So If you budget well and don't live beyond your means you can get by just fine :)

  • Start off by making a budget so you know what you spend your money on and what can be cut out. Then make a budget for independent living and make sure it includes rent and utilities and other bills! Then start researching apartments/houses/condos to rent out or possibly put a mortgage on. Make sure you always have a bit of money put away in case an emergency comes up and you don't have income for a while.

    While at your parents, try living on your "moved out" budget and see how it feels and tweak accordingly so you know if you need to save more or if you need to find a cheaper place.

    Good luck!


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