Why do I fall so quickly?

I'm the kind of girl that easily get crushes on guys, and the minute I feel like they might feel something for me too, they are all I can think of, and I'll do anything to have and excuse to see the person. I'm afraid that I come off too strong, witch means that they pull back, and lose their interest in me. How can I stop acting like this, so that I get a fair chance with the guys I want.


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  • u sound like you don't have that much experience with guys and that's why they seem so exciting and magical to u. you need to just calm down and sit back sweetie. don't be so quick to jump up and feel like you have to come on strong to a guy. men are like buses a new one comes along every 15 minutes. if a guy likes you then you won't have to do all this stuff to get him to like you back because he already feels that way about u. just learn to chill out and not make impressing a guy such a high priority


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