Was my ex just stringing me along?

So me and my ex broke up about three months ago. We lived together for a couple months, she got pregnant and crazy, hated me, moved home, didn't want me around the kid. Then shortly after that she had a miscarriage. So that was rather stressful. Anyways. All this time I had tried my best to let her know I still have feelings for her and want to try again. She told me she didn't want a relationship while she went to school. So.. we end up hanging out practically everyday since we broke up, I help her with homework etc.. She continuously flirts with me, making it seem like there is a door open.. There was a guy before me who liked her and she didn't like him.. that ended badly but she said she felt differently about me. So finally I tell her I still have feelings for her, and I can see that she doesn't want a relationship so I need to take some time out to heal. Because I can see I'm only hurting myself. She got p*ssed.. telling me she told me already she didn't want a relationship.. Then she starts harassing me for an item she bought that she said I could have, wanting it back, so I said no. She tracked me down at my friends house trying to get it back with no luck. Now she's acting like we just broke up or something, going to drink on the weekend after telling me she has to stop and focus on school. She says so obviously that's it then? I thought that was it 2-3 months ago.. Is this making any sense? I figure the best thing I can do for myself is get over her because every time I'm with her I feel led on. She lied to me about seeing her ex boyfriend too. Even told me she thought she really liked him, shortly after to change the story to it was weird and awkward. Making me think hey yeah I'm not awkward but no.. What is going on? I know the pregnancy hormone takes like 3 months to clear out.. but I can't be her friend for eternity when deep down inside I want something more. And remaining her friend obviously puts me in the friend zone. I don't know what to think. any comments, support I would appreciate.


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  • It sounds like this girl has years of professional mental health services in her future. If you continue, I hope you have good insurance. Seriously dude, find less drama. This is not true love.

    Good Luck,


  • You told her the truth, and apparently she can't handle it. Even if you were in a relationship, that's unacceptable.


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