Ex is being hot and cold...Not sure how to take his behavior...Please enlighten me!!!!

i dated my ex for 9 months we broke up 4 months ago it was sorta mutual. Basically I played games while we were dating mainly because I wasn't really sure about what I wanted. last month I emailed him just to say hi and he went on saying how he missed me and wanted to be friends and take me out. I was really hesitant because I wasn't truly interested in him like that. Well to make a long story short...now its like he's blowing me off. I'll text him and I may get a reply back. I asked him if he don't want to deal with me anymore then say it and I'll leave him alone. his reply was he wants me to be consistent and not just text once a week and to actually call him.

I don't understand what's the big difference in calling and texting? its not like I was trying to make a relationship I just want us to be cool and have sex every now and then. I called him yesterday and he didn't answer I texted him today asking if he's not gonna reply and then I sent another text saying "never mind I'm done". I still didn't hear anything from him.

Btw I invited him to my nephew's game on Tues and he was gonna come but then the game was canceled and when I told him that he asked if I was lying and just didn't want to see him. I told him he could still come see me and he replies with "idk I'll see what I can do". WTH is wrong with this dude. I was thinking about trying to call him again tonight...What should I do move on or try again?


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  • He's probably still hesitant because you played games with him. In the back of his mind, every time you communicate with him, he's thinking "what's she trying to pull on me now?". He's probably trying to not get involved with you again because you blew it the first time. The only way to get a clear answer from him is to be very clear to him about what you want. Then he'll either accept it or tell you where you can stick it depending on how much you hurt him before.

    • Wow...thanks this does make sense but that's why I asked him if he wanted me to leave him alone. and if he wasn't sure he shouldn't have asked to take me out in the beginning and saying how he missed me...so since I texted him today and said I'm done..do you think I should try calling him again tonight?

    • The guy probably has feelings for you, but his mind tells him that he's just gonna get hurt again if he interacts with you. My ex would probably be saying similar things to you if you asked her. It just comes from what happens when you play games with someone who's actually serious about a relationship. Trust goes out the window, and it's a fight between the heart (which still has feelings) and the mind (which knows that pain and misery will abound if he starts hanging around you)

    • Thank you very much...i'm gonna call him tonight and see what he says...thanks your answer was very helpful

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