If me and my boyfriend kiss other people, and tell each other, is it cheating?

So I've been dating this guy for about a month now, and we've both kissed other people. I kissed some people at a party, we were playing spin the bottle, and he was there, and he knew what was going on. Today, he told me a girl kissed him after he asked her to homecoming the day before. He asked if I was okay with him going with a friend, since I'm not allowed to go.(It's 1 school, 7-12 grade, but they try to keep 7-8 away from 9-12th graders) I'm a 8th grader, and he's a 10th, so I can't go, and I said it was fine if he went with another girl. I talked to a friend about it, and he said it wasn't healthy, but I think our relationship is just a bit more open than most peoples. What do you think? Guys and Girls, thanks.


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  • It's only up to you to decide. If you can be flirtatious with other people and still stay committed to each other to the point where you're both satisfied, I see nothing wrong it.


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  • if you are both OK with it then I see no problem with it,

    that being said, there is a fine line between having an open relationship and being swingers lol,

    youre a cutie I wouldn't mind you kissin me ;)


  • You both are just flirting around..i doesn't mean you both are cheating each other since you both heart belongs 2 the other...


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