Ex giving me mixed signals?

My ex broke up with me about a month and a half ago. It was very confusing because I thought things were going great but turns out he 'doesn't see a future with me'. I did a few of the wrong things like pleading and what have you, but I realized very quickly it was wrong and backed off.

Since backing off, he contacts me almost every day - Usually by text. He has rang me a couple of times from work and makes random conversation for a few minutes.

Some days he is very cool towards me and others it's just like old times.

Last week he asked me if I could help him set up some classifieds for an old car he is selling and I said I would help.

I arrive at his, he is cold and seems like he wants me gone as soon as I arrive. Then he seems to calm down and we hang out for a few hours, taking photos and putting this car up for sale.

I caught him looking at me a few times and what looked like 'thinking', as in he was silent for a little while then he would return back to normal.

He asked me when the car sells, if I could help him sell some other things in the next couple of weeks. I said yes.

I had to catch the train home and he offered to drive me which I accepted. He was silent most of the trip until the last 5 minutes he was very chatty.

I love this person, a lot. He knows I do... We were great friends before we were lovers and I want to get back with him. Asking me round was a surprise to me. After all, he broke up with me and from experience when someone breaks up with you - They want nothing to do with you.

Are these signals he is still interested or am I just wishful thinking?


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  • you need to give him time to settle down his feelings and emotions as he hasn't recovered with the breakup with his up and down swings with you...don't act on it until he's picked a side


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