I like this guy but I don't know if he likes me back? can someone help?

We used To Talk On Facebook and he would start The convo first But He doesn't Do It anymore .

He texted me a lot and he doesn't do it that much anymore

When I had a cold he gave me a bunch of cough drops

when he took this quiz on zombies I failed and he said he would protect me

so I need help Fast


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  • aww that's cute, trust me babe, he deff likes you I have been a flirty little bastard since I was a little kid and I wouldn't say sweet sh*t like that to a girl if I didn't like her, just be flirtarious with him and make good eye contact and tell by his body language, if he crosses his arms a lot thew chances are he isn't open with you, keeps to himself and doesn't see you as much more then a friend, if he has his arms open a lot, from the sounds of it I'm sure he likes you, if you want him to like you more then he does now, BE FLIRTY, put your arm around him occasionally, I'm sure you 2 will be dating in no time!

    hope I helped inmplace113!


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