My girl cheated on me?

my girl cheated on me I walked in on them . I left her but how long does this hurt I lost my virginity to her, my gut told me not to be with her but I went against it. How long does this feeling last. please I don't want to feel this way. I should listen to my gut next time I don't know maybe

everybody says the past is the past so I believed them. I don't want to hurt anymore tell me what to do. please


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  • "I should listen to my gut next time I don't know maybe"

    Yes, you should have, but your mind rebel. Do you see that you end your sentence with a "maybe"? See how the mind, like the scoundrel, is telling you not to trust your gut feel again? When Napoleon lamented upon his defeat, "You are your biggest enemy", I bet the poor guy was referring to his "smart ass" mind, which told him to ignore his gut feel, and he listened.

    The mind is all competitive and insecure, because all it can do is logical reasonings and analytical thinking, and "swear that is right". Gut feel isn't, because it knows the truth, period.

    Have you ever heard people saying, "My gut feel tells me not to trust my mind?" I haven't. When you know, you don't ever need to compete. How many have you heard, "I should have listened to my gut feel, but my mind tells me to go logical/analytical and that is the royal way, and I ended up in hell?"

    Here is another one on gut feel. >>> She "just knew it" before going to bed with him. link

    What to do other than learn the lesson of adhering to/acting upon (i.e. run for your life) your gut feel even if "the dream girl" start taking her clothes in front of you? Heal yourself. This (exercises) may help you do that >>> link

  • Hey there, sorry to hear about that. That must really hurt especially if you truly did have feelings for her. But there's no way to know how long that feeling will last, we all go about things in different ways some people get over things quicker then others etc.

    Honestly, you should try your best to forget about her she's a lost cause, you've walked in on her cheating and probably have 0 trust for her anymore as you should. I would personally delete her off of everything and shut off all contact, then spend as much time as you can with friends, not drinking but just hanging out doing stuff to have fun and keep your mind off of her. Possibly have a nice long talk about it with a supportive friend would definitely help.

    It's the only way to get over someone you truly have feelings for, if you keep contact those feelings will just keep coming back and blinding you, you'll always be reminded of that picture of her cheating. So my advice try your best to forget about her and move on.

    • Im drunk right now so I shouldt taldk to friends later I tink I will. I wanted to save it fore soebody special

    • Sorry about that, but the past is the past now. You can not take it back so try not to dwell on it so much.

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