Your girlfriend's or boyfriend's ex, does it bother you?

well, let's just say that you have a girlfriend or boyfriend (just a scenario, you may or may not have one) and your girlfriend/boyfriend has an ex that they were super close to.

You have two choices (or maybe you don't like these choices so you can explain)

Option A: you feel victorious and you think you won over the person and the ex just has to deal with it. You have no jealousy issue whatsoever that the ex will ever be valued more than you. (explain more if you feel this way if you want)

Option B: you feel like you are second choice and feel jealous that the ex will always have a special spot in his/her heart. You feel like you have to get the ex and your girlfriend/boyfriend together if possible to make your girlfriend/boyfriend happier since they were so sad for the break up. (explain more if you feel this way or you think most people feel this way. by the way, this is how I feel most of the time and it's ruining my relationship).

Option C: I guess you don't think about the ex at all or something. The ex neither matters because they were in the past. Who cares if the ex is causing you trouble by breathing down your throat and bothering your girlfriend/boyfriend all the time. And you neither care that your boyfriend/girlfriend really loved the ex and really wants the ex back to the point of talking about the ex all the just happens and life just moves on. you just play your happy part... or something like that (you can explain more if you want if you choose this option).
  • No, I won and the ex does not matter
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  • Yes, I am 2nd choice and wish he/she was with their ex
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  • Other, explain
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  • This is a question only you can answer, since you don't give us enough details about your current situation.

    If your boyfriend is still obsessed with the ex then you need to DUMP HIM. He can't be in a healthy relationship with you if he's still pining for what he had. If he's talking about her all the time that is not fair to you and shows where you place in his heart. Do not accept this, you deserve to be treated better.

    It doesn't matter what the ex says or does, ignore it. You will show how much better you are than the ex and it will drive the ex even crazier. Again, if your boyfriend is not backing you up or giving better treatment to his ex than you then you need to dump him.

    Explain to your boyfriend how you feel and that if you two are going to be boyfriend/girlfriend then you need to be his top priority, not the ex. If he can't deal with that then it's time for you to move on to a guy that will give you the treatment and respect you deserve.


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