I think I caused my ex to want to divorce his wife.

So I went and hung out with my ex boyfriend since we are still fairly good friends and we got on the topic of loving people and being happy, I told him if someone isn't happy and doesn't love who they are with anymore why be with them (I was meaning me with my soon to be ex husband) he also said he loved me still and wishes things didn't happen the way they did, also that he hasn't been happy since his wife stopped drinking and went psycho within weeks of being married... The very next day he changed his facebook status to single and had his wife served with divorce papers. Do you think its my fault he decided to divorce his wife?

i never liked his wife he knows that, I do care about him he also knows that but he also knows I have kids to think about


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What Guys Said 1

  • That is not your fault but you certainly havr provoked his thought of leaving his wife. If they are not still divorced (thouhg may be planning to), you should stop meeting this guy inorder to produce another regret.

    • I see him often since we work together on the same afternoon sh*t.... so I'm forced to see him at least twice a week

    • Then try to ignore him as much as possible, make excuses. its funny but for your safety

What Girls Said 1

  • No. You told him your opinion, and it provoked thought. But you weren't saying it the the intent of making him leave his wife(I don't think nor hope that you did with that harmful intent). Although, if you gave him hope that you would be with him, knowing that he still loved you, after he split from his wife, then yes, I think that then, you would have caused it.


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