What countries are the hardest to immigrate to?

Which is the hardest US, Australia, Canada, UK, Germany etc? Answers would be appreciated as I am looking at one of these countries to move to. I want to know which country will give me the hardest time.


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  • Legally America the process can take years. Illegally not sure if America stays on top.


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  • America would be the hardest.

    Australia and Canada would be easier

    • I'm not sure if America is the hardest but based on what I was reading, before, a couple years back, It really is pretty f***ing hard to migrate to the states. Not to mention mention all the xenophobic d***heads I've talked to in the past that really paint a picture of what a lot of foreigners call the "ugly american". Still migrating there is not without it's advantages. It's just really f***ing hard.

      You are right about Canada though. I've talked to people in the past, and it seems pretty easy

    • My aunt (who lives in Sweden) tried to get a greencard to work in the US. She only got a visa for like 10 years. It's a long and tedious process if you don't already have a job lined up here, for example if you're moving because of the company you are working for. But I've heard Australia is hard to immigrate to too.

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