Why is my ex contacting me after 3 years of no contact?

we had a really troublesome end. we didn't talk for 3 years and our relationship was crappy. however, he randomly added me as a friend on facebook and sent me an apologetic message. I replied but he hasn't responded and he's not going to.

why'd he contact me again?


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  • Don't ask questions multiple times. It p*sses people off. But, he contacted you because guys simply just don't forget about girls they loved. If you two did in fact love each other. I always think of past girlfriends and wonder what they are up to. But the one who still unfortunately has my heart dominates my thoughts. I probably will never hear from her again, but whatever.

    • We didn't love each other....

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    • Did he dump u

    • Ya. Out of no where. So shallow

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  • Guys will often want to "check-up" on their ex-girlfriends. I know I've done the same, but my exes both still hate me.

    Its just common manners. Just because you two might not have gotten along well 3 years ago, doesn't mean you cannot be friends. Just be mature about it.

    • Check up? so he's just curious about what I'm doing?

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    • He's a strong believer of Karma and I have a feeling he's having trouble with girls. So he's decided to apologize to me so that he's forgiven and can have good luck with others now.

      In other words, maybe he's just selfish.

    • Don't just jump to conclusions or make such radical assumptions. He does whatever he does; don't judge him about it. Its only going to make you think about him more and make it harder for you to get over him.

      Here's your new mentality:

      He apologized...fantastic. He can kiss my ass now that he's out of my life. Onto the next one...

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  • maybe he's ready to let you back in his life


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