Is there any way I can ask her so that I have the best chance of saying yes?

I kinda like this girl and I'd like to get with her but I don't know her all that well. My best friend is coming down from Connecticut and he is bringing booze. Me and the girl are 16 and I've talked to her a little bit. My friends from here went and told her I wanted to go to prom with her and get with her afterward and she said that that sounded good. But that is so far away and I'd rather just do it now. Should I invite her to hang with me and my friend and have her bring her friend and we can all get get drunk. Is there any way I can ask her so that I have the best chance of saying yes?


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  • Firstly, drinking at the age 16 is illegal. Secondly, "getting with" a girl you have only talked to a little bit is just plain dumb. Thirdly, drinking and having sex (english isn't my first language, I assume you think that) with a girl you hardly know at this age= a REALLY bad idea. So asking her and her saying yes is possible but I strongly suggest you not to do it.


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  • Is it about having sex with her? If she already said yes than just be confident, don't worry and ask her in a playfull, nonshalant way, which would suggest that you don't really care either way. And you frankly shouldn't because horny guys are a turn off and being too horny makes you finish way too soon.

    As long as you USE A CONDOM then it's all good. I waited for the right girl to have sex and it wasn't the best idea. A lot can go wrong even if you like each other. Sex is nice. Just be responsible and use that condom! Even if the girl beggs you to put it in her without a condom (and one day they will)! You don't want to pay childsupport for the rest of your life.


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