Why would he send a picture of his new girlfriend to my friend?

So around two months ago I was seeing this guy. Things looked like they were going serious, so I asked and he panicked and dumped me. But we talked things out and kind of countinued together.

But a few weeks later he confessed me that he kissed another girl. He cried his eyes out, telling me how sorry he was and that I didn't deserve this. He was willing to stop talking with her to be with me. We tried to work things out but in the end, after a though argument it was over (his decision).

So it's been two months now, since the break up. He tried to contact me on Christmas but I told him that I was too hurt and I needed my space. I deleted him from all social media and even when we see eachother in the campus we just ignore our presence.

But yesterday he talked with one of my friends, telling her that he was on a sky vacation. He told her it was a non-planned holiday with his family and his girlfriend. And he sended a picture of both of them in the snow.

I don't understand what are his intentions by sending it to her, he knows she is my friend and that she would tell me. And it turns out his new girlfriend was the girl he kissed while we were together.

Any ideas? Why is he being such an asshole? I've done nothing to stop him from moving on, but I don't see the point in telling my friends.
Why would he send a picture of his new girlfriend to my friend?
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