Is it normal for him to say it? should I believe it?

OK so me and my ex broke up awhile ago but then we decided to make out for a bit 1month after the break up with out ties..and so he still flirted with me a lot and he asked me to the movies and we went he kept trying to tickle me and even taped me when he was playing with his new itouch4...i put on fb that I was going out with somebody eventually after because I started dating somebody and so he directly asked me who's your boyfriend I answered don't worry about it and so then me and the guy ended it a couple days later and then my other ex the one that I went to the movies with as friends puts up a post on fb "like my status and I'll complete the following statement truth is..." and so I liked it because I was curious as to what he would say and so he put truth is I never liked you..and all I thought was what? he told me and did all these things to tell me that he never liked me?..and I know he's a loner...but I don't know if to believe it or not. and also he's the one to make the 1st contact always I never call or text him..he's the first one


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  • yeah its normal b ut go ahead and go with it


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