My ex boyfriend took the pictures of him and I off of his FB but left the pictures of us together with his family?

My ex boyfriend and I broke up awhile ago. But we still talk now and than. It was a short relationship but it meant lot to both of us. He still has pictures of me on his FB even through he dates other girls. Dose he still like me ? Is there a chance for us to get back together in the future ?


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  • If he's talking to you their is hope, maybe you will maybe you wont, if you try at least you will know...


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  • If the pictures he kept are just of the family and you, he probably still cares about you and wants to be friends. Not to crush your hopes, but he probably just wants to keep your friendship. Which isn't bad. At least he still wants to talk and he values your friendship.

    • Thanks for your input. Ill keep my hopes up for alittle while longer but its good to know he cares and still considers us friends.

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