I haven't seen my ex-girlfriend for 5 months things ended badly. She showed up where I workout a week ago.

she was looking at me and was running her fingers through her hair. It was late and she also works for the place I workout at just but at a different branch. I miss her like crazy, but like I said I haven't seen her in five months, last I heard she had a boyfriend. My question is was that coincidence or is she missing me? We had such great chemistry, I don't know your thoughts?


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  • Maybe she was on the rebound, broke up with him, or just wanted to hook up or maybe something more...

  • When you mean she works at a different branch, do you mean she lives farther away, and would have had to drive to the one you're at?

    • Ya that's exactly right. She had to drive 20 min from the one she works at and it was late at night she has access to when I got there through a computer

    • If she had to go out of her way to see you, that might suggest something, no? Do you think she really needed to be there, or that she just wanted an excuse to see you?

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