Will he come back to me?

I was with my boyfriend for a year and a half. We were 16 when we began dating, pretty young.

His ex had cheated on him and he was a little nervous of girls. He was also extremely angry and hurt emotionally. For him, I stopped talking to all guys and sometimes he treated me very, very badly. He'd call me a stupid bitch, retarded, nasty things.

But I stuck through it. And he changed and became someone very different and kind and sweet.

But the other day, he was talking to me and admitted he was unhappy with us. He said that he wanted us to begin to talk more because rarely do we have actual conversations. During this conversation, he was so upset by the idea of even leaving me. But a day later, he said he'd made up his mind to leave me and won't talk to me at all now.

He told me that he wanted to settle down with me before, but just not so soon. Then he told me that he didn't love me anymore. Then he told me that he wanted someone new and then he began to say it was because I never called him or initiated sexual things.

I feel like he does still love me but every other time we have fought, I promised to change myself and I didn't actually. I was never horrible to him, but he was my first and I was very inexperienced sexually and awkward about it and he just got a cell phone about 3 weeks ago after being phoneless for 2 months. So I never got the chance to begin calling and initiating conversation. But now he says it's too late. I'll never get another chance.

I'm so in love with him, I know he is the one meant for me. Is there any chance of me getting him back, do you think? It's so devastating. I miss him so much and I can't stop crying.


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  • He seems difficult to be with... I know you must like him a lot to stay with him through all of that. You would rather fight with him than not fight at all. I think he is bipolar. I don't really know the type of person he is, but I think you should try and talk with him. Maybe try and get someone else to try and move on. If you feel you are ready, you don't need him. I would advise not making him mad though, he seems to still be confused from before or just feels bad for hurting you or being nasty. He just has to learn not all girls are the same and to trust them. Just because one cheated doesn't mean they all will. I think you should try and talk to him and tell him your feelings and work things out, if this doesn't work then I think you should give him some time and space to himself. I wish the best of luck. Talk to me if you need anymore help. :)


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