I don't know what path to choose.

I'm going through a really hard time right now.

I have so much to worry about and I don't know what to do.

My heart is telling me to stay but my mind says I should leave.

Me and my boyfriend are having problems. I get mad about

so many little things. No matter how hard I try to fix and forget

about unresolved feelings I cant. They can never be fixed.

I also keep thinking he's cheating on me. But I can never find

any hard evidence. He clears his computer history, and everything. And when I think he did something and we talk about it he denies it. And says ''Do you want me to lie to you?''

He's doing all he can to show me he loves me and he's a good

boyfriend and he denies everything. He took me on a date the

other day. And usually when we go on a date I forget about all

the problems and everything is okay, but this time I couldn't forget. I think about everything he has done to me in the past

and I want to move on from it, but I can't seem to. I want to fix things. I want to trust him again. If I trusted him completely it would solve everything.

How can I fix things? Breaking up is not an option.

I will never move on. I will never give up on him


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  • emotions are temporary...knowledge and experience is permanent...one dictates the better judgment and that's a risk you have to choose, the other dictates the present, but it still leaves a clouded future of what might have been or not


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