I haven't even talked to her yet. I need some help.

OK, there is this girl that is in a couple of me classes. I think she is beautiful, and I want to go out with her. the problem is, I haven't even talked to her yet. I'm trying to think of reasons for me to be talking to her, but I can't think of any. What do you think I should do to talk to her? girls how would you want a guy to start a convo?


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  • pay attention to what she does or says in class and start a convo on that. example. she gave a report in history . you ``acedently`` bump into her after class and just start talking about that. but don't make all your convos bout school come up with something else to talk about., this idea is only to break the ice.

    Good Luck

    xoxox -MusicLover123-xoxox


What Guys Said 1

  • Step 1: Just say "Hey you! come here?..."

    This will show your desire and confidence in a small direct way.

    Step 2: Ask her if she knows she has a thread on her head. (have thread in hand)

    Step 3: Using magic: remove thread, laugh about situation, compliment her new found beauty.

    express your name and notify her of your location.

    Step 4: Profit!


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