Me and a guy like each other, but there's one big problem with him...he is unsure. Help?

All right..I'm 19 years old, I attend college as a sophomore. this summer I'd been talking to this guy from one of my classes. we had a lot in common...even that we had both been broken up with earlier this year (him in January after an 8 month relationship, and me in April after a 2.5 year relationship).

We were getting close and one night while hanging out he cuddled up to me. I said I was scared to enter another relationship because of how hurt I had gotten last time..he said not every guy was out to hurt me. said how amazing I was, how he wanted to be single but I was making it so hard. by the end of the night we decided to just be friends. the next day we talked..turns out he'd take his ex back any minute (all though she cheated on him with his friend, whom she is still dating) and he needs to "figure himself out" and should probably do it on his own.

the next 2 weeks went by with a few texts here and there and then he asked me to watch a I went over there and he tried to make a move again..i straight up said I was confused and tired of being jerked around. he said he was really sorry, he's just confused because he should probably be alone to find a group of friends and figure stuff out, but doesn't want to pass up a girl like me.

i guess I just want general thoughts on this...i like him, he likes me..but he is unsure. even if he did want to date me, I'd be worried that he's still fixed on his ex. I also don't want to keep liking him only to get hurt in the end.

so advice...gentleman?


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  • in order for love to work, both of you need to be sure that you are actually in love can't be forced or sped up...time and effort is all you can do to get him there


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