In your eyes, was this activity cheating?

So there's this girl I have a crush on. She has a new boyfriend. We flirt a lot though over text messaging and in person. We're also both kinky. She has come over several times to partake in some bondage activities. The last time she came over this happened and it got a little more sexual; nobody got naked, but she stopped me after a few minutes of my getting more intimate with her.

She still seems very attached to her boyfriend, and I get the impression I have made her uncomfortable that day. I can't say that the activities were a surprise though, I didn't escalate much from the previous encounter, and I respected her and untied her as soon as she wanted to stop. She didn't go home right afterward either. She stayed and hung out for a couple more hours.

I really like this girl and don't want anything bad to come of this, but I don't know what to make of the situation. Ideally she would break up with her boyfriend and I'd start dating her. I'm sort of afraid to bring it up with her. I'm trying my best to pretend nothing ever happened and only discuss it if she brings it up first.

In your eyes, was this activity cheating? Also, What would you do if you were in my situation?


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  • Okay, if you want to stick around for her, I would TOTALLY stop any more kink activities with her. Keep it clean and friendly because that will keep it drama free. Then when she's ready to be done with this guy (because believe me, the break-up day is on the horizon if she was doing this stuff with you, lol), you'll be the friend there that she's leaning on and that will just help to usher you into her heart even more.

    As for your last question "was this activity cheating" just really have to ask yourself. If you were her boyfriend and you found out that she did what you guys did with some other guy, would you feel it was cheating on her? Be HONEST with yourself. If you really truly believe you'd be okay with it, then that's your answer. :) Good luck sweetie!


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