I don't know what to do, how to move on. No progress.

2 months ago I got back from my girlfriend (long distance, different countries),upon where she told me that "You are the love of my life" while saying goodbye. I thought that was kinda strong but I was not really surprised, and I love her just as much in return.

We have been apart since we met, except for a trip we made together, and two visits on my behalf. She has never been to where I'm from.

Now, about a month after I got back home, I felt that something was wrong, and after some fuzz she actually broke up with me on facebook. I mean, what the f***.. Called her a week later and she started crying, told me that she loved me, but still hung up on me and didn't pick up later that night.

I sent her an email where I in a funny but sincere way asked her to think twice about what she is doing, and to call me if she really wants me, and that she should stop wasting my time. I also deleted her from my social networks.

Since then, I haven't heard anything, so I basically got no explanation as to why it's over. I'm sure she loves me, and I'm positive that I still love her.

Thing is I can't seem to move on, no matter what I do. Started studying, going back to my jobs, hooking up with new girls, doing sports, etc. Still I feel like I felt the day this all happened. Confused,

angry, yet hopelessly in love. help, for f***s sake.


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  • Of course you can't move on hon! She didn't give you the closure that you had every right to receive and of course you still love her!

    Unfortunately, you will feel the love for her for a long time. I'm sorry, I know that SUCKS, but if you at least accept it as part of yourself for now, it's easier to deal with the fact that you are confused, instead of trying to fight it.

    God knows why she blew you off like that, and you probably will most likely NEVER truly know. Because of how this girl sounds (and please don't take offense to this, because I understand you still love/care for her), it's likely that even if you did get some kind of "explanation" from her, it would probably be vague and/or untrue because she obviously has no consideration for you if she broke up with you over FB.

    There's nothing anyone can say that will help the pain go away faster, it will DEFINITELY take some time for you to heal, but the best thing you did in this whole situation is delete her off your social networks. It's like a drug; you're in the withdrawal stages and the more you keep away from the source of your drug, the better chances you have for full rehabilitation. Good luck sweets, and make sure to get out of the house and spend lots of time with friends!

  • That's probably what is hurting you the most - the not knowing. If she gave you closure, you'd be able to move on more quickly. But I bet your constantly thinking in your head "was it when I did this?" "was it because I do this?" It's really unfair of her. I know you really love this girl, but why would you want to get back with someone who treats you like this?! She broke up with you over Facebook, how pathetic is that? And cowardly. You don't need this girl. You would never do that to her, so you expect the same in return. Seriously, take my advice. I've been waiting a month for my ex to decide what he wants, now I am not waiting anymore! Keep doing what you're doing... go out on dates and EVENTUALLY it will get better. Don't feel bad about it, and don't take any of it personally.. to me she seems like she has some sort of issues within herself that she would need to sort out before even thinking of starting a relationship again. It's SO easier said than done, but try and move on. Try to think of her less each day, do different things, stuff you wouldn't usually do...and one day I'm sure you will look back and be grateful that she ended it, because you will meet someone who won't treat you this way!


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