Can I get him to want me back?

I really really miss my ex boyfriend SO much. And I can never stop thinking about him, we talk a little bit but not much at all anymore. I really really do want him back. Is there anyway I can do this? Is there anyway I can make him miss me? Should I try making him jealous?


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  • It depends on why you broke up... what the circumstances were etc. Making him jealous could work, aslong as you don't over-do it. Sometimes if guys see you happy, that's enough for them to want you back because they see that you can live without them and it leaves a dent in their ego. It all depends on the situation. If it was something pretty major, then there isn't much you can do. Also, is he still single? If he's starting to date other girls then it's a waste of your time.

  • Yes, making him jealous may work BUT it's not the most mature way to go about things. Serioulsy, the best way tomake him miss you is to get out, do things, have fun and be positive. If you have a very positive attitude on seem like you're moving on it'll make him curious as to how you're doing, and will in it's own way make him jealous that you're moving on. Try not to initiate contact- it can make you look desperate and perhaps the lack of you contacting him will jolt his mind to the idea that he could actually lose you. Men rarely act until they think that they are losing control (they don't like that).

    Try to be fun, positive and confident and remember that if it's meant to be it WILL be.


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