Did I screw up? or is she busy?

Alright everyone so I met this girl in high school and I fell for her. Hard.

So now I'm in college and I went to college in my hometown and she went somewhere 2 hours away. So one day a mutual friend of ours knew that I liked her and decided to surprise me at lunch by taking her with him.

So we ate lunch together and it was then that I realized that due to circumstances (not just her being 2 hours away) I felt like I needed to tell you how I feel about her for some closure (maybe to see if it would go anywhere) but I never got the chance that day (not because I wimped out or anything I had to go to a class and I never had the opportunity to set it up without my friend).

So later I go on facebook and decide to send her a message (knowing that she barely checks her facebook let alone her messages) and she never got back to me at all. I tried calling and she didn't pick up, I left a message and she never called back. So did I screw up? maybe?

be honest just try not to be mean


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  • Take the hint she's giving you, she's not interested.


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  • Aw.. I don't think she's interested. Maybe you should have told her that day and she's sort of upset that you didn't, and now she doesn't wanna talk to you. Besides telling a girl you like her on Facebook loses a lot of it's value. We like hearing that kind of thing face-to-face. Try calling her a few more times and if she doesn't answer then maybe you'll have to take a little two hour detour and tell her how you really feel face-to-face.


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  • yeah, don't ever tell a girl you like her straight up. And my god man, if you have to, don't do it on f***ing facebook. Brad Pitt would get turned down if he told girls he liked them over a facebook message. You're an adult now, when you like a girl, ask her out to lunch or dinner, learn to flirt, all that good sh*t.

    P.S. it wasn't going to go anywhere. She lives two hours away, what the hell kind of relationship could start like that?


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