Ex-boyfriend...what does he want from me?

I was with my ex for two years, I have been with another man,my man,for two years,after my ex. My fiance and I have a son together..he is changing,and lets just say everyone can tell we won't be together much longer,no love. My ex constantly texts me,we hang out together a lot.. a month ago,we kissed. I told my fiance,he took it well,as well as he could. my ex told me he did and does love me. He doesn't have a gf,he honestly says he can't find anyone to replace me, I'm irreplaceable to him. NOW what I don't understand is why he won't take the step,move,chance, on being with me again. He wants to,and I'm afraid to ask if its because of my son..what should I look for to see if we will ever work out? what the frick does he want from me!?


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  • Straight up ask him. Don't tiptoe around the issue, that only leads to wrongful assumptions. Sit down and ask him where he wants this to go.

    • Ok. any suggestions what to say,ask him? in details please...and best time? best place? I'm a little shy around him,i don't want to trip on my words and say the wrong thing.

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    • Thank you,but I can't just.. I don't know I need to know the best thing to say,to ask him what he wants from me. In the long run. should I text him? or is that too impersonal? ...

    • If you can't do it face-to-face then email him. Text is too short to send so much.

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