Cheating ex told me “i don’t deserve you?”?

I met up with my ex 3 weeks after he cheated. We talked about everything and i got my closure. I told him “i wish this could work, but i feel there’s too much damage between us (we both really created a toxic relationship together). He told me “i truly do not deserve you. You are too good for me, your family and friends have a bad opinion of me, and i understand they do. It would be unhealthy for you to have those negative opinions, and me come back into your life. I just don’t deserve you. I didn’t appreciate you at the time, and this is my punishment and i don’t get to keep you”. I am not sure if he truly meant this, but he seemed genuine when we talked about it.

I understand WHY he cheated, i don’t justify it and it hurts me, still. But, i believe there is some good in him. I’m hoping he meant what he said (also, we aren’t back together and probably won’t be unless there are HUGE changes between us both in the years to come ).
Cheating ex told me “i don’t deserve you?”?
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