Am I leading him on?

I am in college and met this really great guy in one of my classes, we have been texting and we have hung out once to study, but ended up talking more than studying. He asked me out on a date, and I agreed to it. I genuinely like him, but at the same time I just cannot be in a relationship right now, and I have given no indication of this. I feel guilty going on a date with him, and the plans have already been rescheduled twice so I feel bad canceling. I don't want to lead him on because I do like him, it's just really bad timing.What should I do?


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  • Just let him know where you stand, I have been on the guy end of this situation and it sucks to be lead on, I wish she would have just told me from the start. Best of Luck.


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  • Tell him straight up. Do not lead him on, it really sucks to be led on, even unintentionally. Happened to me, broke my heart it's tough.

    I don't really understand the whole adversion to relationships, as long as both people are willing to understand the constraints. Afterall this guy could be perfect for you, if you don't explore it then you could lose the opportunity.

  • Be honest. Just tell him how you feel. I mean its worse to draw it out, then to just go about it. I am sure he will understand.


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