Was I right in doing this?

I broke up with my boyfriend because he said that he thought previously since we got back together a month ago I had cheated on him three times. But I never cheated on him and gave him no reason to think so. Plus when I tried talking to him about it he got really angry and pushed me back into the chair and pinned me there. I didn't feel safe in the relationship as being I just got out of a 2 year abusive relationship. He says he is sorry and even started crying begging me to take him back. Was I doing the right thing getting out of the relationship?


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  • He was abit agressive and didn't trust you... yes. Be careful in the future, some guys would say they confronted you about cheating and you broke up with them which apparently means you did but are in denial about it. Unlikely a kid will think of that, but older guy might. I know you mightn't have but some people just take things badly and feel like they have to make everyone elses life a misery.

  • good on ya


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