Sharing Mutual Friends?

I'm curious to know how everyone dealt with the awkwardness that IS having mutual friends after a breakup. I know I struggle with resentment because in the end my ex was a jerk to me and is still not very agreeable to be around. It's difficult to see him how I saw him post-breakup (obviously). I know that our friends see him as the same friend as before-he changed to me, not them. Of course no one really thought he handled the break up very well, but that isn't going to stop them from staying friends-and I know it shouldn't.

I bottom line is I have had a much different experience with this person than our friends have and I can't expect them to understand that I don't see him the same way nor do I care to engage socially with him

How did you navigate these waters in your breakup where mutual friends were involved? I will never ask anyone to take sides or give ultimatums as I think they show an incredible sense of insecurity (Unless there was real abuse, or other harmful factors)
Sharing Mutual Friends?
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