Is this an good reason to break up?

I have been dating a guy off and on since October. He's different than ever other guy iv dated. He's the most passionate in bed.

We fight because I don't call him enough or text or call back when he calls me in a timely manner.
We live four city's away or he lives 15 miles away my car broke down and iv been taking the bus or cabs to him.
When we fight he says I'm not trying hard enough to make this relationship work.
I always pay for everything I don't mind
But he took my debit card and bought things I didn't approve him to buy several times
I told him I'm on a fixed income I can't just spend what every I want.
Well this happened again on Valentine's Day at like 10:00 the buses don't run after 8:00
So I got mad an didn't talk to him
I just layed in his room
When he came in I pretend to be a sleep and
He told me I can't ignore him in his own house
That I'm being rude
I told him to be quiet because his sister wil hear him yelling he told me he didn't care
Then was like you can leave
I tried to get a ride couldn't then I layed down
He tried to apologize
But he always get angry and yells at me
We broke up 3 days before Valentine's Day because of his attitude or anger problems.
He promised me he wouldn't get like that and he did. I love him more than anything but I realize I shouldn't be treated like that
No other guy I have dated treated me like he does
And he didn't buy me anything for Valentine's Day
All I wanted was a box of chocolates
Is this an good reason to break up?
Is this an good reason to break up?
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