Why does my ex boyfriend contact me daily nowadays?

So me and my ex boyfriend ended our relationship 2 weeks ago
he's the one that broke it off because he's unhappy in the relationship because of our constant arguing , he's under depression so he can't have anyone as a partner right now and he wants to focus on pursuing his dreams to become a police
To become a police here has many stages including exams and they are strict so he has to focus on that and he has to go to the academy which is 3 hours away and have to train there for 6 months
So he told me that he can't commit to me right now and cannot give me the time and attention that i really want
But he said he doesn't want to let go of our strong connection and he said its hard to forget me
Ever since the break up we only talked once
But then on valentines day he bought me flowers and took me out to dinner and a movie
Ever since that day, he has been contacting me nearly everyday
He would just ask me questions about his police course and telling me about it as well
Like why?
Why is he contacting me daily?
I mean he can talk about it to his other friends right?
Im not his girlfriend anymore
I still have feelings for him so its hard whenever he contacts me
I dont wanna say "stop contacting me" to him coz i dont wanna lose him but i just need that space for a while :/
Why does my ex boyfriend contact me daily nowadays?
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