Guys, how long does it take for you to get over a girl?

Do you get easily bored?


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  • Ok well, all guys are different when it comes with break ups and finding that closure that we need sometimes. Some cam be over right there and then but realistically that kind of guy really didn't care or was fishing else where. For me it's about 6 months of trying to get over someone I truly cared about, for the general crowd I would say anywhere from 2 months- 1 year depending on the connection they had. Guys we have what you call boxes in our heads ( compartment metalizing- I think lol) we have a box for one thing and one thing only- 1 for the kids 1 for the spouse 1 for work 1 for sports. There's one special box, it's our most favorite box of them all... "The nothing box" guys are the best at not talking about there problems or anything like that. We like to go away to this nothing box escape and do nothing. It's a healing process for guys depbeding on how much time they need will determine how long to get over her. It goes for pretty much everything lol. I hope this put some sense into and answer you're looking for ^_^


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  • If I really love her it last full of my life . But If I take a chill pill as efexor only 1 month :D love is spirit disease.

  • Depends on how good she gives head and how long it takes to find somebody that is better at it


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