What is holding him back?

I'm sorry for this long and confusing question, but I would appreciate any answer really.

Well, this guy and me were in a fight for a bit because apparently a common friend told him that I was saying sh*t about him and to fix it I called him up to tell him I really enjoy hanging out with him and that it wasn't me etc etc and that I actually really like him.

He was really shy on the phone but after I told him seemed really happy and even told me that he was REALLY glad I called.

So I waited for him to approach me afterward which didn't really happen. I mean, guys like to chase right? He told his friends he likes me and looked at me a lot but he didn't talk to me. Then when I started talking to him a few weeks afterward because he wasn't making a move, he was really quiet.

I'm not sure if this is relevant but:

He also keeps talking to this girl that is good friends with his best friend (and who wants them together) and former good friends with me and that not too long ago backstabbed me to get to him which until now has not worked - luckily. He always told me he found her annoying, but I'm pretty sure she's the one who told him that I bitch about him.

Does he like me? Why is he being quiet? Is he shy... or not interested? Why isn't he making a move when he claims he likes me so much? Did he get over me?

And last but not least:

Should I ask him out or just drop it?

My gut feeling is telling me he likes me, but I don't know what is holding him back. :/


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  • You must drop hints him to figure out about it You make a sly plan You use your a girl friend on that plan. If He still interests you it is OK

    I hope that you understand me because my English is poor. I can chat you to improve my English willingly.

    • We got talking in the holidays and flirted a lot, he even came over to my house and visited me, met my parents, but since we are back at school everything is going downhill. He claims I am being rejecting towards him when he approaches and I think it's the other way around. So we don't talk at school.

      What kind of hints do you mean?

  • Where you first went wrong is that you waited for HIM to approach you. Yes, you are correct, guys do chase girls, but you have to give them something to pursue. If you openly tell him that you like him, etc. then he knows that you are almost a "guarantee" and he can attempt to find someone else in the meantime. That is the worst case scenerio. If the guy is shy, you have to give subtle hints and take control to lead him to like you. Send smiles and light touches, bite your lip when you say goodbye, send open, positive body language (don't cross your arms). All of these will tell him that you are interested without you saying a word. If he still likes you, he should take the hint and flirt back. Tease him. Give him a challenge, and most of all have fun! The more you worry and are nervous, the more it shows!

    • Thing is, I KNEW he liked me before, he was even going to ask me out, but then we got into this fight and since then things are so horribly confusing! He even told me that he feels like I've been continuously rejecting him which is why I told him I liked him in the first place. And now every time we're around each other, we just don't talk or it's REALLY awkward. We only seem to talk on the phone these days (when I call, concerned) and there he's completely fine and funny like before we fought.

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