I Think My Husband Is About to Cheat, What To Do?

My husband and I work in a bar, but he works the busy Friday and Saturday night shifts when I'm not there. When he and I were working one night a girl came in who is a regular, about 18 and very pretty and he is obviously acquainted with her well, but he was exceptionally flirty with her. To cut the crap, he clearly fancies her and she is a flirt back, knowing he is married but not that it is me whom he is married to. A colleague told me he has slapped her backside and told me they had heard him tell her that she looked 'very sexy' . I dread to think what may have gone on when I wasn't there and what might go on, how to handle her or him?!


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  • Maybe you should talk to him? Just sit down one-on-one at your place and talk to him? Just tell him that you feel uncomforable with him flirting with women down there. Something to that effect. You don't have to say "Oh I think you're going to cheat on me" or "quit hitting on her". Just state how you feel. He married you for a reason, he loves you. Thus he should respect your feelings, just like you respect his.


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