Last night my ex was really mean to me. Can anybody help me through this?

Last night my ex was really mean to me. I did nothing to her. I got really upset and hurt. I don't understand why she is doing this but it hurts and then I couldn't sleep and was crying all night. It was really scary because the whole night I couldn't see a way out and didn't want to live and it was very overwhelming. I don't want this to happen again because it nearly got me. It sucks I shouldn't feel like this iv been though enough!


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  • First off... pull yourself together. No woman IN THIS WORLD is worth losing "your cool" over.

    Secondly this girl is mean to you because she no longer loves you. Accept it. ALL of us have been there.

    Thirdly. Distance yourself from her... you should be avoiding this girl like the BUBONIC FU****** PLAGUE! This will give you a chance to let those feelings calm down and allow you to begin the healing process.

    Would you throw yourself in front of a bus? No!

    That's what you're doing when you communicate with this woman... Why would you talk to her and essentially "throw yourself in harm's way"? Don't do it!

    My last peice of advice... surround yourself with friends and keep yourself busy!

    Start thinking positive dude... now that you can't spend time with that evil succubus you'll have MORE time to spend with your friends and MORE time to invest in yourself.

    Take this time to do whatever makes you feel better... learn to drive a motor cycle, go to the gym, go bungee jumping... star being positive... you're SINGLE and you're A FREE MAN! You can do anything you want now!

    The thought of being alone can be scary. From what it sounds you're not looking for "love" but something to attach yourself to... attach those emotions to something positive because if you try to "look for love" where it doesn't exist (your ex girlfriend) you'll end up hurting yourself.

    Feel better man


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  • First of all you need to check yourself into a mental hospital if you feel like killing yourself a silly girl... Learn how to love yourself before you love someone more than yourself... You should always put yourself first before anyone inless you have kids! Sounds like she wants to play games with you or she don't want to be with you no more. Like Usher said Let It Burn don't chase her act like you don't care make yourself to busy for her It is sad but some people don't nothing but games and they don't know how to be them self. Good Luck


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  • just put the bitch in her place bro


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