He broke up on strange terms?

My (ex) boyfriend told me he wanted to go separate ways because He felt it wasn't fair that I would give him so much love and He wouldn't match up to it (Not that I really cared for since He works a lot so I get it). He said he couldn't feel the same passion he did before but that he still loves me. He also said that I was "everything he wanted and more" but he couldn't see himself marrying me. I'm very confused on his reasoning and I don't really know what to do at this point. I went to his place and took my belongings, and blocked him on social media immediately. Should I continue to leave him or go back and talk it out? I'm very hurt so I'm scared about feeling hurt again if I try talking to him.
1 y
It also seemed out of no where. Everything seemed perfect. I brought up the question about the passion missing but he disregarded it. He promised me everything was fine everytime I tried bringing it up. He still did little things that made it seem like he still loved me very much. He called me over the phone and wanted it out all of a sudden.
He broke up on strange terms?
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