Is it ever a good idea to go back to your ex?

Question speaks for itself. I need your honest opinions. My ex asked me back today, and I'm not really sure what to do..

We're kinda back together now. We hooked up today.. for now we are just friends with benefits but he wants to be my boyfriend.. I"m not really sure what to do... There's so much sexual chemistry there and we have a great time together..


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  • There is a lot of missing information here. How long ago did you break up? Who broke up with who?

    In my experience... it has not worked. But I have seen some that have worked.

    • I broke up with him about three weeks ago. I had some trust issues I had to work on from previous relationships. What about friends with benefits? Does that ever work?

    • Friends with benefits rarely works with ex's or someone you've been interested in emotionally.

      If he's asking for you back... let him know what he needs to change and ask if he is willing to change. Now he might be the type of guy who you can already see never changing... but sometimes people need a second chance.

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  • Depend on the circumstances of how you broke up. Sometime we just break good relationships on silly things. depending on how long you been with that person and how much you understand him. Its always better to apologise, talk, work out for the change.

    Going into a new relationship has its own risks. At least with ex. you know a lot of things already.

  • It's a cardinal rule of mine not to. It didn't work the first time for a reason. Move on and find something new. Why waste your time reliving the past expecting different outcome?


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