My ex wrote me on Valentines Day, I sent him a text but he didn't reply. Was my response okay?

I broke up with him about two years ago. We're still friends. He sent me a sweet Valentines Day message saying happy valentines, he missed me and thanks for being a part of his life. I only wrote back saying happy valentines because I wasn't sure what to say. Sometimes I really miss him and the good times we had together but I don't want to lead him on because I don't know if I want to get back with him. Was it okay that I only wrote that? He didn't write back. Should I thank him for being in my life too? I'm worried I hurt his feelings.


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  • What was the reason you broke up with him? And why aren't you sure you want to get back together with him?

    • We were together for ten years. It was a really good relationship in a lot of ways, but he partied hard all of the time and it started feeling like that was his priority not me. He was also really jealous of my friends and would act strange if I wanted to hang out with them without him even though he had his own group of friends. Eventually I started liking someone else and I thought it was best to break up, but things didn't end up going anywhere with the new person either. So I'm still single.

    • 10 years is a long time, sometimes you grow apart and take the other for granted (him not making you a priority, and you developing feelings for someone else). Do you still have feelings for him?

    • I'm not really attracted to him sexually but I miss our relationship. However the last time I saw him he was with another girl and I felt really uncomfortable

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  • Your response was rather stoic. Adding "thanks (for remembering)" and "I hope you have a good one too!" would have been nice. However, it's understandable that you didn't want to lead him on. So, don't worry about it.


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  • You did the right thing.. stop thinking about him.. he wrote to you because he wants you to remember him

  • Move on


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