Stuck on her ex boyfriend?

There's a girl I really am trying to pursue that recently broke up with her boyfriend. Me and her ex go to the same college and when she comes to see me, she also sees him. I want this to work between us, but I'm also no fool. Should I ask her straightforward if she is still considering him, stop initiating communication with her and basically let her come to me if that's what she wants, or simply continue on mentioning nothing of it. Or any other options...


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  • If you really like her, it's definitely important that you communicate with her now. That's the best basis for any new relationship. So yes, definitely see where her head is at, but make sure you do it very sensitively with no accusations...make her feel comfortable so that she knows she can be open and honest with you. I would start of with something like "You know, I just want to understand more about where you're coming from. You know I care for you and I definitely know breaking up with your ex was a hard thing for you. Are you still considering him for the future? Because that's okay, I'm definitely your friend first, but I just want to know what direction you're heading in."

    If she says yes she's still into him, then stay her friend. I'm going to tell you right now, any break-up is a process, so it's probably best if you DON'T get with her right away anyway, because you're going to want to make sure that she's FULLY moved on before you get with her. But if you stay the friend, you guys get to know each other more and get close, and you'll be there when she's ready.

    Hopes this helps sweetie and good luck!


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  • something like this happened to me...I talked to her then went down on her...for some reason, that solved the problems :)


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