Ex boyfriend keeps contacting me and doesn't know if he can commit.

So I am in love with my ex and he wants to keep seeing me but says he can't give me a commitment. He says that the thought of me not in his life kills him and he worries that if I am out of it for good I'll be gone. We have been broken up for 2 months and still get together. He says he hasn't been with anyone else but can't give me what I need right now. We are getting together tonight to talk about it. What does can't commit mean?


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  • Cant commit means he is unsure of his feelings for you. It means that he wants to see what else is out there and isn't ready to settle down in a committed relationship withone person.

    I say let him go. I know its hard but just move on. If he is telling you this up front then you have to believe it and run.

    There are too many other guys out there and you are too young to put all your time, effort and heart into someone who clearly does not feel the same was as you do.

    When you truly love someone - committing is as easy as breathing. It just comes naturally


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