Ex Wants to be Friends... But Badmouths Me!

I dated a guy for about eight months, and broke up with him about two months ago. The break-up has been rather turbulent; we didn't speak for a while... then he tells me he still has feelings for me... now I've moved to his area, and he's confessed that actually, he was lying because he wanted to let me down gently, blah blah.

I'm pretty disgusted and angry with him, and have been trying to distance myself from him. I don't call or text or generally try to communicate with him.

My ex says he really wants to be friends, and when I see him, makes strange comments like "we're really taking a step forward!" and "I'm so glad we can be friends!"

But when I do text or call him... he ignores me! And he never invites me anywhere, or communicates with me only very randomly. ("This song made me think of you!")

Recently I had an apartment-warming party where I invited several of our mutual friends (I know very few people in the area.) He found out I didn't invite him, and became very upset. But he never invites me anywhere either! And he's been telling our mutual friends that the reason he was over me so fast was because I'm "emotionally fragile" and "kind of insecure."

So I'm REALLY confused. I've tried talking to him about it, but he just insists everything's fine and we should hang out sometime! What the...?

Thanks for all your insights!


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  • hes mocking you if you've realised. He is just having fun and because he can see you are still making tiny efforts like ringing him his ego is probably up there. I think you should just ignore him completley because he ain't worth it and is just wasting your time. take it easy and hang out with people who cares, forget him.


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