Do I have a chance back with him (my ex) or is this forever goodbye?

i just got dump two days ago. We went to the friends party and both of us got drunk and I did this "word vomit" where I just talk sh*t about him and his past and embarrassing him in front our friends. Sadly it wasn't the first time for me to do that bad things..and apparently I broke up with him when I was at the point where I don't remember anything. After I drunk dumped him next morning he came over my house and said it was a good run and broke up with me. I asked him if he could give me a chance and he said no. Also we been both busy which I wasn't busy as he was but I didn't want him to feel like he was too busy and make him feel that he isn't giving me any attention enough. So I keep myself busy at school like he did. (but according to my friends, one of the reason why he broke up is because he felt like we were too busy and feel like he didn't giving me enough attention) and he been so stress out from feeling the pressure under the gun with his project I guess I pushed it too hard with the relationship issues that he had to let me go.

We broke up before for so many different reasons and here we are again broken up. I really love him and I don't want to lose him. But seems like he doesn't wants me back. I try to keep it strong but the thing is we have over 100 common friends and I see them at school and every time I bump into them they are like 'awww I'm sorry I heard what happened" or some other friends are like " I call this bs..u guys are gonna be back together" ..I don't know if I want to repeat that all over where we meet again after 2months or almost a year accidentally and get right back again. I just want him back and I been doing bad..i been not sleeping or eating..everybody thinks I'm a walking dead person. I know what I should do..but I'm afraid that he doesn't want me for good..What should I do? How can I get him back? or will he ever love me again and want me back?


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  • Hon, if you want him back, you need to clean up your act. Stop drinking - you're making a fool of yourself and your boyfriend. It's not necessary these days. If people can't respect you for keeping your life straight, find new friends.

    Sit down and talk to him about the changes you want to make. Tell him why and the damage it's done to your relationship.

    It's no guarantee he'll take you back. Honestly, what you did was inexcusable and if a guy did that to me once it would be all over. No one needs that sort of sh*t.

    If you want him back, turn yourself into a person worth keeping, not a someone to suffer.


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